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The most important aspect we value at NSPR is people, especially family. Next on the list is health, integrity, authenticity – being down to earth and rounding them off is happiness.

Off the back of this, about 18 months ago we established an idea we call 7 to 7, where the golden rule is no emailing other NSPR team members after 7pm and before 7am. There are of course exceptions to this – we live in the world of PR, comms, talent management, media buying, events and risk and crisis management…however if something isn’t urgent, then 7am is plenty early enough to know about it.

Our analysis of emails showed us that 90% of emails received during 7pm and 7am, were from other NSPR team members and that 99% of these weren’t urgent. When quizzing team members about responding to emails during this time comments generally linked to not wanting to let the team down, wanting to show their commitment to the team and our clients and being efficient at their job.

By simply taking the emails away from 7 to 7, the traffic dropped significantly.

When we first announced it to the team, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive including thanking us for respecting their personal and family time.

Do we work nights? Of course, like any business there are times that require more hours – like right now in this unprecedented time of COVID-19.

Are there exceptions to 7 to 7? Of course, but generally it is adhered to and if anything is urgent, we simply revert to the good old-fashioned telephone (well mobile actually!) and speak to each other.

Ironically, over time as clients have found out about 7 to 7, they have been nothing but encouraging and complimentary of the concept. Some have even adopted it with their own teams. They know our commitment to them hasn’t changed and if they need us – we are there to help, regardless of the time – day or night.

What 7 to 7 has done is demonstrate to our team that we live and breathe our values, and how important they, and their health, are to us.

Again, couldn’t be more relevant right now.

If you think this might be something your team can benefit, by all means pinch it, and please tell us what you find out as a result of 7 to 7.