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In our last newsletter of 2020, the NSPR team shared what they were grateful for in 2020. We thought we would share it here too, as a reminder when we look back on the year that was.

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Lockdowns, uncertainty and the global pandemic have given the team at NSPR time to remember what is important.

Here is what the NSPR team is grateful for in 2020:

“It’s been an insane year for everyone and I am so grateful to live in Aotearoa, but more so on Waiheke Island. There’s a true sense of community, people genuinely care about their neighbours, not only during lockdown but throughout the year. It was humbling to be part of the volunteer effort grocery shopping for those at risk. Workwise, I’m grateful we have always operated a home-based model, it meant we could just turn our attention to supporting our NSPR team and our clients.” – Niki

“I am grateful for the amazing NSPR team. It’s certainly been a tumultuous year and the way the team has supported, uplifted, loved and hustled for each other makes my heart so full.” – Kate

“I am grateful for the extra time I’ve had with my kids this year as a result of two lockdowns – although it’s been challenging at times, it’s also been a year we will always remember! I’m also grateful to work for an amazing company, with people who care so much about our team.” – Robyn

“I’m grateful for every second of every day that I get to spend time with people I love. Life is so very precious. I’m also grateful for the beauty of nature, to pause and breathe it in.” – Jessica

“I am very conscious COVID has affected many families, individuals, businesses and countries, it’s been a hard year. However, I have become much more grateful of time because of it. Time to slow down, and appreciate what you have. Time to catch up with friends and family. It has reminded me to be grateful we live in beautiful New Zealand. Most of all, it made me grateful for the support systems I have in place when things get tricky.” – Tanisha

“Never before have I felt as grateful to live with my young family in Aotearoa. Where the majority of our five million is committed to kindness, and intent on doing the right thing to keep others safe during the ongoing global pandemic. While this health crisis has been a source of division in other nations, we have shown the world that Kiwis band together when the going gets tough.” – Becs