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I consider a strategic mind and a deep sense of empathy my strengths.

Kate Grant (nee Barron)

Phone: +64 27 422 0079

In work and in life I try to bring passion to the task, order to the chaos and laughter to the day.

Before joining NSPR I was the marketing manager at the Otago Museum in Dunedin. There, I oversaw all facets under the marketing umbrella from advertising, promotions and public relations (PR), market research to strategy and budgeting, with a little event management thrown in for good measure. It quickly became clear to me that I got the most enjoyment and satisfaction from PR.

With a double degree in marketing and psychology, I consider a strategic mind and a deep sense of empathy my strengths. Similar to Niki, I’m an Associate of Trinity College London after completing my diploma in speech and drama, so I also have a flair for dramatics and a creative eye.

I’ve been dubbed the Spreadsheet Queen, and if you are a client of NSPR, it is highly likely you will receive an in-depth, colour coordinated document from me.

I was lucky enough to have Niki as a mentor while I was starting down the PR track and I jumped at the opportunity to work with her as part of the  NSPR team.

I became a Director of NSPR in 2018 and continue to work with clients across industries. I oversee the management of all of our wonderful talent.

What else you should know about Kate

  • I respond to a plethora of nicknames. Katie, KB, Gertrude, Barry, Baz or Basil Brush will get my attention. I recently added the addition of KGB when I married my husband, Ben.
  • I’ll try anything once. I ran my first half marathon in 2015 – I didn’t catch the running bug, and I shan’t be doing that again.
  • I’m at my most zen when I’m near a large body of water.
  • If I’m not wearing something navy, cherish it as a rare day – it’s my favourite colour.
  • I wind down reading novels, listening to musical theatre soundtracks and watching British stand up
  • I love good, friendly competition, with social netball being a particular favourite.
  • I quote movies more often than is probably socially acceptable.
  • I’m a bit of a history nut with a soft spot for ancient Greece.
  • So far, my favourite places in the world are New York City, Montreal, Edinburgh and Wānaka.
  • I love to cook, and love to bake even more. I’m a proud ‘GB’ – a member of the volunteer organisation Good Bitches Baking.
  • Growing up in Gore, I’m a Southern girl at heart. You’ll notice my R’s almost instantly.
  • I’m now a Westie, and I love taking our Cavoodle, Pam, for walks along Hobsonville Point.