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Culture is at the heart of what I do

Ava Wardecki


Ava supports NSPR with all things social media. To get in touch, email 

Culture is at the heart of what I do: understanding it, appreciating it, fostering and sharing it will always underpin my approach to work.

Being curious about how creativity and social elements can mix together to help businesses, I studied a Bachelor of Communications and Business Double Degree at AUT. There, I explored many facets of communications through majoring in Public Relations, as well as Marketing, Advertising, Retail and Sales. 

My time at HEC Paris helped me zone into the more niche areas of marketing that I was interested in: where I studied fashion, international, wine and luxury marketing.

In my early working years, I worked across all areas of communication: starting out interning in PR, moving to writing for lifestyle and fashion publications, through to social media companies. 

My previous experience includes being an Account Executive at a corporate branding agency, overseeing a smorgasbord of projects over an equally diverse set of clients from all industries. 

Since then, I delved into the world of self employment, taking on freelance writing projects as well as social media and content creation projects. 

My biggest strengths are to think both strategically and abstractly, and to be big picture-oriented while focusing on finer details. In this line of work, I love the challenge of helping brands harness creativity, community and strengthen their brand through a dynamic social media presence. 

What else you should know about Ava

  • I’m Paris born and Auckland raised. As a result, I think in ‘Frenglish’.
  • My happy place is anywhere with snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures.
  • I’m a keen hunter for northern lights, and my holidays to northern Europe have been my most cherished memories.
  • I also love winter sports: I play ice hockey here in Auckland, and recently took up cross country skiing and once snorkelled between tectonic plates in the middle of the Icelandic winter.
  • I’m an absolute art history geek, with a very soft spot for Neoclassicism. I can (and have) spend hours on end admiring single works of art or heritage buildings.
  • I have synesthesia (where I see numbers and letters in colours).
  • I’m a keen foodie with a particular soft spot for Szechuan cuisine, and I’m on a mission to dry all the best dan dan noodles in Auckland — or the world, for that matter.
  • I’m a huge wine buff, and would love to be a qualified sommelier one day.