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NSPR Ltd is thrilled to announce an opportunity has been afforded to Rebecca Reid (nee Milne) to become a director and business shareholder in the successful PR communications company in 2023.

NSPR founder Niki Schuck says Reid’s attitude and commitment to NSPR and its clients over several years gave her huge confidence in Reid’s role in the future of the business. “Rebecca has a relentless work ethic and ethos, the highest standards of professionalism, an infectious personality and energy levels that would give the ‘Energiser Bunny’ a run for its money! I am hugely excited about the future of NSPR, especially when combined with the skills and attributes of my fellow director Kate Grant (nee Barron).”

A member of the NSPR team since January 2015, Reid has vast communications experience and skills working across the full range and depth of clients at NSPR. She has been a long-standing sounding board, with her expertise and strategic abilities often sought by the senior leadership team.

Reid trained as a journalist, working in newsrooms from the age of 17. She worked at several national newspapers and two national women’s magazine titles for more than a decade before moving into communications for a district health board charity. From there, she became self-employed working as a PR contractor to a number of well-known PR agencies before an opportune brunch with Schuck highlighted a vast alliance of commonalities other than a love of poached eggs!

Reid is excited to step into a strategic leadership role and thrilled to continue to provide NSPR’s signature ‘going the extra mile’ for clients, whilst also playing a role in developing the business.

“I am incredibly grateful to Niki and Kate for this opportunity to progress my career and use my contacts and long-standing relationships to strengthen the NSPR offering to current and future clients,” Reid says. “NSPR’s policy of placing health and family first, has empowered me to successfully juggle having a family whilst continuing my career without either suffering. It is rare that companies place such importance on personal attributes, and I am proud to be asked to play an integral part in NSPR’s future.

“The world of PR is dynamic and constantly evolving – communicating, informing, and educating is at its core. Enormous credit must go to those in the media who listen, enquire and, at times, push back, weaving remarkable stories that, when shared, are catalysts for improvements in our lives through creating ripples of change.”

NSPR managing director Kate Grant says she is looking forward to working closely with Reid, in addition to Schuck, on the future of the business. “Rebecca is an incredibly talented communications professional and I am thrilled that she will become a director. Her sense of humour, dedication to clients and industry knowledge are just some of the attributes that make her a great business partner. I’m rapt that more clients will get to experience working with her.”

Connect with her at or on LinkedIn.