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The NSPR team are thrilled to announce their new appointment by the Waiheke Island Tourism Inc. as its PR agency, expanding their tourism PR portfolio.

Kate Barron, a director of NSPR, says Waiheke is a special destination to be working with and the dynamic media environment in New Zealand presents the creation of exciting opportunities for the island.

“Waiheke is a powerhouse when it comes to destinations to visit,” Kate says. “Most people know about Waiheke for its world-class vineyards and picturesque beaches, and while that is a drawcard, the island caters to all. It boasts adventure sports such as zip-lining, and is fast becoming the walking capital of the world. The island is also home to artists from all walks of life, including internationally renowned Sally Smith and Chris Bailey.”

Christina Hyde, chair of the Waiheke Island Tourism Inc., saw the power of PR when NSPR worked on their On the House campaign. Over one weekend in June, more than 70 Waiheke homeowners and accommodation providers donated their houses, bachs and apartment/hotel rooms to drive money back into the local economy. Converting the usual rental fee into ‘Waiheke dollars’, the One the House campaign saw visitors use credits for goods and services redeemable across the island.


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