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Better Futures Report

By April 9, 2021No Comments

Each year around this time Colmar Brunton releases the Better Futures report which gives a great feel for how New Zealanders are thinking and feeling right now and what’s important to them.

This report made its debut in 2012, making the trends interesting but also helpful from a business perspective to be aware of.

NSPR would like to give a shout-out to our client ecostore – a great New Zealand company that has led sustainability in our country for over 25 years. They live and breathe sustainability, it’s the very basis they were founded on, it is HOW they do business, it’s not an add on.

Since the Better Future’s report has been running ecostore has been top of mind when it comes to Kiwis recalling companies that lead in sustainability and for the past seven years, they have been NUMBER ONE!

Key points from the Better Futures report NSPR thought were worth noting:

  • COVID-19 is making an impact in the way Kiwis think and feel about issues.
  • Cost of living including housing is front and centre when it comes to concerns (top three).
  • Our focus is more short-term and closer to home as we grapple with our own economy, our own situation and our own environmental issues.
  • Sale of land to foreign owners is up 10 places to number four.
  • Global climate change has slipped as we focus closer to home to more immediate pressing issues.
  • COVID-19 is restoring our faith in science
  • New Zealanders’ commitment to sustainability continues to grow and there is a notable uplift in reported behaviours around recycling, reuse, reducing and repairing. With packaging/plastic/waste linked issues coming up three times in the top 10.
  • Kiwis have been clear that they want to see the government doing more in the global climate change space.
  • We think there has been an improvement in the way businesses are communicating around sustainability.
  • Access to mental health and mental health services is a rising concern for Kiwis.
  • Biodiversity in Aotearoa/New Zealand has popped up as an issue, making it into the top 40.
  • Two thirds of us believe there is something to be learned from Māori knowledge, mātauranga/kaitiakitanga.
  • There are some distinct changes in where we are focusing…
    • we have shifted from being PRODUCT centric – wanting better stuff
    • to PERSON centric – wanting to be a better self
    • to now PUBLIC – wanting a better society

This is an encouraging development for a better Aotearoa/New Zealand.

For the full report go to:

Better Futures 2021