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Getting to know renowned TV garden presenter and landscape designer Tony Murrell

Tony Murrell

Happiest outside enjoying the seasons and waxing lyrical to like-minded garden enthusiasts, Tony’s a household name in New Zealand synonymous with all things growing. He spent seven years overseas designing and building gardens, many for the rich and famous. His return home quickly saw him on our television screens with TVNZ’s Mucking In, New Zealand Home and Garden and TVNZ’s Kiwi Living.

Kiwis love tuning into his hugely popular radio show, Home and Garden with Tony Murrell on Radio Live every Saturday morning.

Tony’s landscape and garden design business, Tony Murrell Limited is based in Auckland but he is a regular traveller throughout New Zealand designing and building gardens from Invercargill to Kaitaia.

Available for:

  • Emcee
  • Guest speaker
  • Guest appearances
  • Voiceovers
  • Television presenter
  • Media commentator
  • Product endorsements where appropriate

Here’s your chance to learn more about one of New Zealand’s favourite garden and design experts:

You’re incredibly well known as a TV and radio personality what do you do outside of these activities?
For the past 20 years I have developed a garden design and garden renovation company. We specialise in developing concept plans for city and country properties. I adore what I do, particularly the fact it takes me all over New Zealand, and that I get to work with talented qualified experts in their associated fields who help me with my designs and installations.

What’s the best bit about your radio show?
There are so many great things about my radio show! I can’t believe that I have been hosting Home and Garden with Tony Murrell on Radio Live for the past 14 years! Every Saturday and Sunday morning I am inspired, educated and entertained interviewing incredible experts in food, gardening, DIY, architecture and building. It’s fascinating!

You’re truly loved by the New Zealand public – why is that?
Public speaking at events is something that I thoroughly enjoy. Whether it is large or small audiences I love it! I think the key thing is to have fun. I genuinely enjoy getting to know people and I do think this is a big part of it plus I only evert talk about what I know, and I always include my audiences in the experience.

Garden tours are something my grandmother used to love, is there still demand for this in New Zealand?
Yes, it’s still hugely popular. I have been with Ahipara VIP tours for many years, sending me clients to take to interesting gardens and locations around Auckland. I get to meet people who like me, have a genuine passion for gardening. I would love to extend this to around New Zealand and it would work well given the amount of travel around New Zealand that I do.

You’ve recently got in to mentoring, how does that work?
It came about through my experience in radio broadcasting, television hosting and working with clients involved in renovation and building new gardens. I mentor people looking to create a supportive and honest working environment that best serves them, their staff and their clients. Health and wellbeing is often publicised and finally, after 30 years of working for myself, I have learnt to balance work and my own time carefully. Passing this knowledge on is truly rewarding,

With your love of garden, would you say you are a greenie?
Yes, I do care about the planet, I am a huge ecostore advocate and really admire what Malcolm Rands has created. Interestingly while I love cars and I have owned many over the years and I regularly read and study reviews of all types, ultimately, I really want to drive electric cars!

What’s your life philosophy?
I regularly attend a group mediation and practice daily mediation and I’m an advocate for retreats and silence in order to truly understand and feel what is going on with my body. I’m also strong advocate for regular doctor check-ups and health checks. I live small with my partner Kallan and ‘things’ don’t really matter to me other than people, especially family and experiences – because ultimately that’s what life is about.

What’s something about you people know?
I’m actually a trained chef and I love sourcing and buying ingredients and then experimenting to see what develops. I actually prefer cooking at home than eating out.

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