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We are all about communicating – whether it’s with your staff, your clients, prospects or your fans and whether the message needs to be delivered via the media, social media, a brochure, an event, a presentation or a website.

NSPR’s clients are based in New Zealand and Australia and span a variety of sectors including sustainability and social good, travel, tourism and hospitality, foods, recruitment, entertainment, consumer goods, health and well-being, the film industry, philanthropy and the charitable sector. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand our clients business regardless of what sector they operate in.

As a Certified B Corp, NSPR is part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact.

Importantly the ‘B’ stands for ‘Benefit for all’. The B Global Network mobilises the B Corp movement to change the economic system to positively impact all stakeholders — workers, communities, customers, and our planet.
NSPR has always been a company that is focused on:

  • how it does business
  • how we can work together for the greater good and
  • with whom.

There are lots of ways to describe public relations – but at the heart of it, for NSPR, it is our whanaungatanga. It is through these connections that we can bring the incredible stories to life and raise awareness of individuals and organisations that are purpose driven for positive impact on people and the planet.

PR services that we can provide:

  • B2B PR
  • Blogger and influencer relations
  • Brand or product launches
  • Content creation
  • Media relations and releases
  • Media training
  • Reputation and crisis management
  • Social media management
  • Writing for blogs, opinion pieces, websites, marketing collateral

NSPR offers media training and PR services that are registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. For more information on the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund, criteria of who is eligible or to find your local Growth Advisor go to

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A snapshot of some of our favourite work


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Keep New Zealand Beautiful

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Waiheke Walking Festival

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Critical Factors

The New Zealand branch of SheEO was launched by renowned Kiwi businesswoman Theresa Gattung in 2017, after she heard SheEO founder and Canadian entrepreneur Vicki Saunders speak at an event in San Francisco. The SheEO economic model is based on a perpetual fund raised through ‘radical generosity’ to benefit wāhine/women-led Ventures by offering interest-free loans and mentoring. To date the SheEO Ventures had been all pakeha/white wāhine/women and SheEO was keen to change that.

NSPR’s role was to:
1. To raise the profile of SheEO in Aotearoa/New Zealand with the aim of having more Activators sign up
2. Ensure diversity with the PR so more Māori, Pasifika and Asian wāhine get involved

  1. Support the 2020 successful Ventures with PR


NSPR Approach

NSPR worked with SheEO to establish the key misconceptions writing clear key messages and establishing the target markets. A media bio was created with meetings established with key media and senior journalists to ensure they understood SheEO and the huge opportunity it presented to any wahine/woman working on the world’s to do list.


  1. Record numbers of indigenous wāhine/women applying to be Ventures
  2. Three out of the five successful Ventures being led by a Māori wahine
  3. Significant coverage across key national media that linked with the target markets


This is an ongoing project with outstanding results, this is what the SheEO head office team have said:

“We love working with you NSPR Ltd to amplify the impact we are all having to create a more equitable and sustainable world” SheEO founder Vicki Saunders

“Thanks to NSPR, the announcement of our new SheEO New Zealand Ventures got picked up by media across Aotearoa including NZ Herald twice, Stuff twice, NBR, M2 podcast, Women magazine, Newstalk ZB, Flava radio station, several regional publications and Māori TV twice. On top of that, NSPR was an absolute delight to work with – communicative, proactive, organised and relationship-driven. I strongly recommend NSPR to any organisation or brand looking for PR support” SheEO director of activator growth Jessy Wang

And SheEO Aotearoa/New Zealand Ventures:

“You have been the rock behind SheEO – thanks for your support NSPR LtdChia Sisters co-founder Florence Van Dyke

“Thanks fabulous NSPR Ltd crew – absolute leaders in your field” The Better Packaging Co. co-founder Kate Bezar

“One of the most exciting ‘gives’ that we experienced on becoming a SheEO Venture was the incredible PR that came via NSPR. The NSPR team celebrated each and every one of the New Zealand Ventures. They not only provided amazing media opportunities for Goodbye, but also introductions, media coaching and even new product development considerations. I am in awe of the way NSPR so generously introduced us to so many key people in their extensive network.” Becky Cashman, Founder and Product Maker for Goodbye

“NSPR is one of those exceedingly rare companies that always puts manaakitanga (care) and tautoko (support) of their clients at the top priority.  I felt completely supported and cared for whilst enlisting their PR and marketing skills.  NSPR consistently act in an authentic and professional manner whilst utilising their extensive network and reach.  The access to media and care that was taken in ensuring the messaging and narrative were accurate was exceptional. NSPR genuinely supports the success and sharing of story for others, in a way that reflects a high level of self-integrity and work ethic.  I have found working with NSPR effective with many wonderful outcomes, supported by a framework of actionable pathways and relationships.” Kiri Nathan – MNZM, CEO of Kiri Nathan Ltd and founder Kāhui Collective

Announcement of Litter Audit Results and Clean Up Week

Critical Factors

KNZB has a long association in Aotearoa/New Zealand, leading the way in many sustainable initiatives before it was even a commonly used word. KNZB is a source of incredible knowledge, robust data (with the undertaking of the country’s first full litter audit), articulate and informed experts, but they needed to increase engagement from New Zealanders on the issue of litter and the role they can play in keeping New Zealand beautiful.
NSPR’s role was to:
1. To drive over 5000 visitors to the KNZB website during the month of September when Clean Up Week was to take place
2. To achieve a higher number of volunteer registrations for Clean Up Week than the previous year
3. To establish KNZB spokespeople as regularly sought out subject-matter experts by the media (monthly) for comment on relevant issues and particularly litter

NSPR Approach

NSPR identified the three audiences that would be the most influential to create action about the volumes of litter amongst New Zealanders. We wrote a communications strategy, including key messages for each group recognising that nobody likes to pick up litter, especially if it is old and has begun to decompose or contains revolting elements to it. We also needed to educate people on what constituted litter and littering, e.g. cigarette butts and illegal dumping.

While the statistics from the Litter Audit were mind-blowing, we also knew people would find the volumes hard to comprehending so we created a clever way to showcase this that made people stop and think about the litter in our beautiful country, driving home recall so when they next saw that type of litter next time – they’d take action.

NSPR also created and managed a media conference with a panel of leading New Zealand experts, including KNZB CEO Heather Saunderson, that was attended by New Zealand’s key media.


KNZB was thrilled with the results of the PR campaign NSPR ran from the local community stories told through to the front page newspaper media stories, the two main national radio stations, breakfast and 6 O’clock news. KNZB’s relationships and reputation with New Zealand media was developed to a level of expert status whilst the visitor numbers to the website were well above target with a number of users returning multiple times. Most importantly the target volunteer registrations for Clean-up week were exceeded, reversing a downward trend from previous years.

The NSPR team are a dream to work with. We’ve worked together for three years, and each year they achieve even greater PR results for us and the Waiheke Walking Festival. They work hard on our behalf, but couldn’t be easier to work with! We love having them on the team.
Tess Shaw, Chair Waiheke Walking Trust

Critical Factors

    • Attract people* as friends of the Waiheke Walking Festival at $100 a person
    • Increase the ratio of off-island visitors, now that Kiwis are focusing on domestic travel in 2020
    • Attract people* to sign up to the Walk Waiheke/Waiheke Walking Festival newsletter

    *PLEASE NOTE: numbers are confidential but targets were exceeded


NSPR Approach

NSPR created a targeted PR strategy for the Waiheke Walking Festival, focusing on media with reach, a strong Auckland presence and those with an audience that valued a healthy lifestyle. The primary audience was visitors from off-island, with a focus on women in their 20’s-60s, who are the main planners and organisers of activities – to reach this target, media whose readership aligned with this audience was prioritised.


NSPR achieved over 24 media stories across print and online through a mix of pitching, interviews and media famils. Targets were exceeded for both people registering as friends of the Waiheke Walking Festival and for the festival newsletter, enabling organisers to market directly to them for future festivals.