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PR – Travel & Tourism

I’ve been working with NSPR for more than 12 months now and during that time, they have become one of the dependable “go-to PR companies” I consult when seeking expert comments from travel industry insiders. I write travel features for a variety of newspapers, magazines and websites that require specific and unique quotes from travel professionals and NSPR is one of the few that I can rely upon to consistently source valuable, insightful and appropriate content.

They have worked to understand my writing style, carefully considers every request to make sure we’re “on the same page”, and will happily go back to the source to guarantee the information supplied fits the brief.

NSPR understands the importance of a deadline and always supplies material well in advance, they are honest and tell me when something can’t be done, and seems to find a suitable solution when stuck between the rock that is the client and the hard place that is the journalist.
Working with some travel PRs causes me great stress – will they meet the deadline, will the brief be considered, will the content be suitable – but I never worry working with NSPR.

Sarah NicholsonNewscorp Escape Journalist

As a sector travel and tourism is complex but at NSPR it’s second nature. We’ve covered everything from the wholesale, retail and consolidation environments of travel. Then there’s PR and marketing including the development of tactical and brand advertising campaigns, the creation of a travel magazine, writing of product brochures, media management of aviation and travel trends and the more somber issues management around airline and natural disasters, ensuring internal communication and media liaison for several worldwide events such as the Bali bombs and the Boxing Day Tsunami. One of us has even been a travel agent, so we’ve lived and breathed this sector from virtually every possible angle. Below is a snapshot of our work in this area across Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia.