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PR – Food & Wine

NSPR is on the pulse of food, wine and who’s who in Aotearoa. Te Motu Winery is boutique so we wanted to work with a company that would appreciate what we do and who we are. NSPR was that company. They worked tirelessly to create opportunities for not only our wine but also The Shed, which is our award-winning restaurant. We love the proactive nature NSPR adopts adding value at any opportunity, and not only in the area of public relations. They assisted us with how we interact and communicate with our customers across the board - including marketing and events.

Sam Dunleavy Te Motu Vineyard

“NSPR were wonderful to work with and did a great job of organising my book tour and associated PR which played a big part in the success of Let’s Eat! Always friendly, always organised, always timely, and always had great suggestions and ideas. A big thanks NSPR!”

Nadia LimChef

Te Motu

Te Motu is a small family owned boutique vineyard on Waiheke which produces internationally award winning wine and restaurant, The Shed. With tight marketing budgets the Dunleavy family saw the value PR would offer. We have positioned them in a number of key publications relevant to their demographic in New Zealand and Australia.

Nadia Lim ‘Let’s eat!’ Book Launch and Tour

NSPR was appointed to drive the PR around Nadia Lim’s 7th cookbook ‘Let’s eat!’ through a series of carefully chosen interviews, features, book extracts, reviews and manage the nationwide book tour event, in conjunction with Paper Plus. NSPR achieved significant nationwide PR from September launch throughout book tour into December and Let’s eat! achieved number five on best seller list in New Zealand.


While the 20th annual Hunterville Huntaway Festival had its own PR company, Black Hawk asked NSPR to ensure its sponsorship of the Black Hawk Shepherds’ Shemozzle was recognised through media. This hilarious event sees shepherds and their Huntaway working dogs pushed to their physical and mental limit.

With the event already at capacity, NSPR’s focus was to create buzz and awareness around the event in demographics not familiar with the mud-wading, entrail-filled, best-man-and-his-dog obstacle course, and to raise Black Hawk’s profile as the sponsor.