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PR – Film

NSPR is a standout PR and events firm. I have worked with them for almost 10 years on several movie premieres in New Zealand. The creative, enthusiastic and hardworking approach this team gives our movie premieres is second-to-none. I recommend them to any business in need of PR and event management. I’m based in Australia and can honestly say that NSPR is the best of the best.

Michael LawrenceProducer and Founder This Film Studio

Garage Entertainment – Proximity

Australian company Garage Entertainment was launching world renowned Taylor Steele documentary Proximity into New Zealand. The film follows eight of the world’s most talented surfers – four surfing legends and four stars in the making – to exotic destinations, showcasing their search for the best break. Timeframes were extremely tight due to Taylor’s schedule – a premiere film event in New Zealand and extensive media coverage was arranged within three weeks of being briefed.

Garage Entertainment – You and Me

YOU and Me took four and a half years to shoot with over 50 interviews and 500 hours of footage across two continents. It is truly an inspiring story following the extraordinary true story of Barney Miller, an active, life loving guy who became a quadriplegic 17 years ago as an emerging Pro Surfer when the car he was a passenger in got driven into a tree at over 120kms an hour. Told by doctors he would never breathe independently or be able to use his right arm or legs again, Barney has defied all medical assessments through grit, self-belief, hard work and sheer guts. When Barney meets and falls in love with Kate, a girl with her own dreams of being a singer but her own demons in her past that she needs to face, he makes it his mission to only ask Kate to marry him when he can kneel down to propose, stand at the altar and dance at their wedding together.
NSPR had a five-hour window of access to Barney and Kate prior to their New Zealand film premiere, utilising the time to ensure maximum coverage and reach for the diverse audience this love story appealed to, with its human struggle and sporting crossover.

Stand up girl

Project – WatchMe launched Stand Up Girl as its first foray into Dramedy; Written, directed, produced by and starring women, Stand Up Girl tells the story of a sex worker turned stand-up comic.

NSPR targeted the key demographic of millennial women and profiled the powerhouse trio of women behind the series to tell a story much deeper than the lead character Jan’s journey alone.