What is NSPR’s mission?

First and foremost, NSPR strives to create an environment where support and adding value are the cornerstones of our company. Working from home, creating a virtual office, connecting using technology wherever possible, we aim to keep our carbon footprint low while ensuring our overheads are minimal, making us affordable especially for small businesses and not for profit organisations, with a great story to tell. We believe this approach assists us to attract talented likeminded contractors, and in turn this enables us to attract clients whose mission is centred on supporting people, communities and the environment. Combining forces, we then inform, educate and inspire people about our clients and their commitment to their purpose.

Established in 2008 NSPR Limited has grown from being a small PR business once called Niki Schuck PR, into a highly regarded company that prides itself on being a one-stop-shop.
Whether it is public relations, media training, talent management, media buying or event management - the highly experienced team at NSPR is itching to get involved.
Long-standing relationships with clients and the media, proven results and a relentless attitude to always go the extra mile have ensured NSPR is where it is today.

We welcome enquiries and are more than happy to provide access to referees to speak with you about our work.

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Clients and journalists often speak about our commitment, that we are always available, that we go the extra mile and that we aren’t like other PR companies, but for us, it’s just the NSPR way, it feels natural and the right thing to do

People are at the core of everything we do, valuing health and family above everything

We are proud of who we work with and for and of what we deliver

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